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C. A. Nix, J.D., Professor of Criminology and Sociology

September 2009
C.A. Nix has accepted an overseas teaching assignment and will not be updating this website for the foreseeable future. Ms. Nix has appreciated your support of nix-on-crime. She hopes students and others will continue to find her gavel articles interesting, relevant, and useful for research purposes.

The Overloaded Docket:

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Physician-Assisted Suicide

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Hang 'em high...

Bring back flogging...

Throw the book at 'em...

Throw away the key...

Shoot to kill...

Screw Miranda...

Boil ‘em in oil...

Castration is too good...

Three convictions and you're totally out...

Three DUIs, no appeal...

Vigilante justice...

Harsh? Yes. Career prosecutors have heard them all from victims and outraged citizens.
lady justice
Criminal justice professors - at least those moving from courtroom to classroom - might secretly agree. We are living in a moment in history when a triple ax murderer - with warm blood still on his hands - perhaps even bragging a confession - can walk free if a cop forgets to recite Miranda warnings. Miranda v. Arizona has been the snake-in-the-wood-pile of prosecutors since 1966 when our Supreme Court came to the aid of kidnappers, drunks, killers, rapists, con artists, burglars, embezzlers, drug dealers, illegal aliens, car-jackers, bank robbers, thieving Wall Streeters, corporate wrongdoers, child molesters - you finish the list. The U. S. Supremes... created constitutional rights for criminals that you will not find when you read the Bill of Rights.

Nix, the hard-nosed prosecutor, thinks the threat of terrorism in the U. S. is a minor problem compared with thugs robbing, raping, and dumping bodies on our streets or burying them in the countryside. Drug dealers are winning the War on Drugs,... she proclaims. There is no doubt about it.... C. A. Nix ... lawyer and ardent supporter of our Constitution and Bill of Rights ... gets riled when Supreme Court justices let perpetrators walk out of courtrooms as free men and women. Nix has seen them walk during her 20 years as a prosecutor. She dealt with human flotsam in a busy Midwestern county courtroom. Nix, now a criminology professor at Valparaiso University, also has international credentials as a professor and visiting expert on crime. As a graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School, Nix intends to shine bright colored spotlights on the major flaws she sees in the American criminal justice system.

Nix intends to go beyond emotional crime stories that delight media outlets -- such as supermarket tabloids. She will focus on the day's crime headlines - with prosecutorial emphasis. is the Nix platform to wave red flags in front of the public. Her mission: to warn Americans that most legal fences are down and that hard-core criminals are slipping through huge gaps in what few fences remain intact.

Hear, read, and consider what a career prosecutor and criminal justice professor has to say about crime running rampant. Get a new and interesting perspective on crime commentary and analysis. C. A. Nix takes a hard-hitting, pithy, expert's tack on crime stories in the news.

Crime hurts you, your family, and friends, your neighborhoods and country. We are all victims of crime ... one way or another. C. A. Nix is passionate about the victims of crimes; about safety and citizen rights. She is an advocate ... your advocate for the right to live free and without fear of being murdered in bed or mugged on a neighborhood street corner.

Many remember when it would have been ridiculous to link the words crack... and house... or when our teenagers did not lose teeth because they were addicted to methamphetamine. (Meth mouth is an ugly reality for once beautiful faces.) Many remember when no American man, woman, or child was afraid of a single terrorist - when fear of terrorism did not paralyze mighty America. Now, the nation quivers and quakes. Nix wants America to get over terrorism... and focus on keeping us safe from each other. A huge and growing criminal population is a much more immediate, serious, and a perpetual threat to Americans than any foreign terrorist group.

Criminally speaking, America has run amuck. Why can't we stop criminals in their tracks? What should we, our politicians, our police officers, and our judges do different? The same ole, same ole isn't cutting it anymore.

Nix's perspective on crime in society is unique. She is an experienced criminal trial attorney, was a prosecutor for 20 years, is a Criminology and Sociology Professor at a fine Midwestern university, worked with criminal justice professionals in Japan, and taught a graduate course in Law & Society to Chinese students in Beijing.

Bottom line: Our Constitution is in tatters. Nix is the fix.

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