boy toxic

In all seriousness:
Human male species
in danger of slowly
disappearing from
my earth. No joking.

Science worries:

fate of human males:
fewer boys, less sperm, smaller
penises, less testosterone,
misc genital abnormalities.

The closing-in truth:

Want opinion beyond
my website, pull up
interviews from experts
with scientific proof...

More male crisis debate:
Are man's hormones
being tampered with?
Take it a pill beyond
as confusion mounts.

Calls for International Environment Court:
Forum for people to enforce
right to healthy environment.



Gender-Bender Pollution

…ah…well…protect the family jewels…

Gents, do not read if squeamish:
Unregulated mix-and-match
chemicals impale penis power

Will boys always be boys?  Will men always be men?  Not if they are girls or women or something in between.  Not if they lack the wherewithal to reproduce. 

Don't pooh-pooh this concept.  It is not far-fetched.  It is not science fiction.  In fact, it IS science.  It is incredibly, treacherously real.  A gender-bender phenomenon is showing up today – in AMERICANS – in AMERICAN male babies, boys, and men.  You cannot dismiss this as something that is only happening to animals or to the unseen masses in remote Africa or India.

Tell-tale signs we cannot ignore: fewer boy babies are being born; babies are born with smaller penises; men have lower sperm counts, less testosterone, and suffer from more genital abnormalities than ever before.

What greater crime could humanity commit against humanity than to eliminate the species – homo sapiens - as we know it? 

Modus operandi: the terminators are not nuking us or anthraxing us.  Rather, perp corporations are
churning out everyday chemicals, such as pesticides and stuff that goes into everyday items such as food wrap, flame retardants, cosmetics, electrical goods, toys, and even baby powder and baby bottles. What is this stuff doing to us?

Bottom line - gender-bender chemicals are insidiously neutering the males of our species.  It is a worldwide phenomenon that does not discriminate by race, ethnicity, religion, income, education, or social status.  Evolution is derailing.  It is going awry and amuck.

baby bottle
Corporations manufacturing gender-bender chemicals might as well line us up and machete us down.  This is genocide.  It is the ultimate mass murder - the ultimate homicide – killing off, slowly but surely, the human race. This is Jonestown, slow-fuse edition.

Remove the penis (or render it useless) – bye-bye mankind.  Oh, there might be enough semen around to artificially inseminate women, but I don't think red-blooded American men want to give up their present role in semen delivery! Do you?

Get the picture?

I have known about this ambush neutering of male babies, boys, and men since I taught my first Sociology & Environment course six years ago. A recent article blew my mind – and I hope it blows your mind too when you read it.  Had to sound this warning.  Red flag time, folks.

disappearing male
We ignore a grave newly-published report at our peril.  Startling scientific research from around the world reveals that a host of common chemicals is feminizing males of every class of vertebrate animals, from fish to mammals - including people.  Some of the world's top scientists say this is true.  The report draws upon more than 250 scientific studies – including American studies.  This is more-than-compelling evidence.  This is slap-you-hard-in-the-face truth.

Why isn't everybody talking about this?

We are bombarded by 100,000 chemicals (give or take).  They mix-and-match and wreak havoc on our hormones.  We are talking about big-time synergistic effects here.  Most of these chemicals are not adequately regulated.  Why not? 

The U. S. government has the duty to protect us - The People.  The Feds regulate the hell out of food, prescription drugs, you name it.  We know the Feds are going to regulate banks and Wall Street within an inch of their corporate lives – with good cause.  So, why don't the Feds regulate the Niagara Falls of chemicals that daily flow over, around, and through our bodies?  They should. This is my cause. I intend to be involved in the critical analysis and reporting of important warning studies. For The People.

Even with a lengthy To Do list facing those at 1600, may I suggest our new and fresh president print out this opinion and copy the full cabinet. Make the subject line read: Protect the Family Jewels.

--C. A. N.

lady justice EDITOR'S NOTE: C. A. Nix has a prosecutor's awareness. She has a prosecutor's perspective. In all she writes, she represents the People of the United States of America.
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