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Obama keeps faith:
No more Fed raids
on dispensers of
medical marijuana;
shift from Bush ills

Sanity, at last:
Obama names
Drug Czar; First
task is to repair
Bush failures...

Gil Kerlikowske,
top Seattle cop,
expected to make
rational moves to
manage Obama's
drug policy agenda.

CA bill: legalize pot ;
create $1 billion tokin' tax
and thousands of green jobs

Obama pot position:

Holder says Feds
won't raid medical
marijuana dispensaries

Decide for yourself:
Pot policy project
airs errors of past
drug enforcement
attempts, suggests
new legal steps...
Is change needed?

Working to reform
marijuana laws;

Legalization of

Huge resource of
marijuana info;

Economic benefits:
legalizing marijuana ;
collect tax revenue



Marijuana - Get Real

...the war on drugs, to date...we lost...

Prohibition didn't work, so, what say we apply the 'prohibition principle'

The War on Drugs is over.; We lost. We never came close to winning. Never could. Never would. Never will.

We stopped fighting the war in Vietnam. We will withdraw our soldiers from Iraq. Why? The American people said, “Enough is enough. Let's stop the wars. The cost is too high in terms of money, lives, image, and morality.”  Americans no longer had the will to fight in Vietnam. Americans no longer have the will to fight in Iraq.

Americans whose heads rap around reality know the war against drugs is futile.


I know what I'm talking about. I fought the War on Drugs - as a prosecutor and member of the NOVA Drug Task Force. For 16 years I specialized in prosecuting major felony drug cases.

Police and prosecutors win small skirmishes. They make arrests and convict “druggies of all sorts of drug crimes from smoking a joint to dealing tons of cocaine. These are pathetic little victories when compared to the massive drug pandemic in this country - and around the world.  Make no mistake about it, drugs are global. There are no limits, no boundaries, no end as long as there is demand as long as people want to use the stuff. And, boy, do they!

Who has been the core enemy ever since President Richard Nixon declared the War on Drugs in 1971? The American people! That is, the tens of millions of Americans who want to personally use drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, club drugs, and the like. Drug dealers, drug gangs, organized crime elements in the drug world, and even the mighty drug cartels exist only because people want drugs. The enemy in the War on Drugs is your normal everyday American who occasionally wants to escape - to experience an altered state because, while there, he or she feels great.

Personally, I do not understand the drug mentality or the alcohol mentality either, for that matter. Never have. I find life soooooo interesting that I want to be aware of what is happening every moment. I want to savor every nanosecond of existence, as it is not as it seems while in an altered state. Obviously, I am in a minute minority.

safer than alcohol

Alcohol is the most used drug in America, and it is legal for “of age individuals.

We tried Prohibition. We tried to stuff the morality of some down the throats of all. Guess what - it didn't work. The effort, as embodied in the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, was a colossal failure. American men and women wanted their beer, wine, and whiskey. No law could stop them. It did not take long before the country got the picture and realized that Prohibition was causing more harm than good. It took from 1920 to 1933 only 13 years. Finally, the government called “uncle, and Prohibition was repealed.

Instead of banning alcohol, the government got smart. It regulated alcohol and taxed the hell out of it. The government established a minimum age for legal use of the stuff. (Yes, we should protect our children.) The government banned driving while intoxicated and set penalties for people who act irresponsibly while intoxicated.

The government is too damn stubborn where it comes to drug policy. It hates to be wrong. It hates to lose. It hates to admit defeat. The fact is we have been losing the drug war for 38 years since it began.

Anyone who says we were ever winning the War on Drugs is either ignorant of the truth or lying.

Face it. Get real.

Government, it is time to shake off all this foolishness. It is time to wise up and shift drug policy so it is sustainable.

As a lawyer, officer of the court, and American citizen, I am embarrassed to have laws on the books that are so totally disrespected and disregarded as the drug laws are.

Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in the United States. We should make its use legal for “of age individuals.

tax revenue

We should apply the prohibition principle. Instead of banning marijuana, the government should regulate it and tax the hell out of it. (We sure could use an infusion of cash in the economy these days!) States should pass laws regulating the use of marijuana in terms of age of legal use. (Yes, we should protect our children.) Driving while under the influence of drugs is already illegal under existing DUI and DWI laws. The Feds should change their laws to be consistent with state laws.

Banning alcohol and banning marijuana is like banning sex. It won't work. Americans want it, and, by God, they will have it.

The government is afraid to legalize marijuana. It is afraid of what will happen if it does.

I am not afraid. I believe the vast majority of Americans who would choose to use marijuana would act responsibly - at least as responsibly as in their use of alcohol.

safer drug
Why should everyone be denied freedom to experience the relatively safe and pleasurable effects of marijuana because a small number of jerks would be irresponsible? If users are not responsible, arrest them. Let the others be.

Let's give it a try. When we legalize marijuana, we will deflate the marijuana cartels in Mexico a major goal of the current War on Drugs. By ending the war against marijuana, we will win it.

When we legalize marijuana, we will stop making criminals of otherwise good, respected, and law-abiding Americans. It is an absurd myth that people who use marijuana are deviant fiends. My educated guess is that approximately, 99.99999% of current users are our upstanding friends, neighbors, family members and former Presidents of the United States.

It is worth a try.

lady justice

© 2009 C.A. Nix

EDITOR'S NOTE: C. A. Nix has a prosecutor's awareness. She has a prosecutor's perspective. In all she writes, she represents the People of the United States of America.
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