Legal aspects of
maritime piracy.

Saudi supertanker
now in pirate hands;
Holds $100 million
in oil off Somalia...

Cities to avoid:
Murder stats list
in order...Detroit,
Baltimore, New Orleans,
Newark and St.Louis.

Worldwide caution:
Know thine enemies,
Americans are prime
targets around world.
warnings are scary...

Where not to go:
Country specific info
details terrorism risks,
coups, crime, all good
reasons not to travel...

Track terrorists:
Your nice neighbor?
Be advised: Al-Qaida,
the Taliban, nutcase
holy warriors - they're
ready. Click to track.

Lost at sea:
Before booking a
cruise, prepare for
assaults, muggings,
crew abuses, terror
attacks - even death.

Maritime Law:
If you think you
have a case, here's
a starting point...

Piracy updates:
Scribe Bob Couttie
writes like a movie
script reads; shots
fired, ships borded
today, not the 1800s.

Just in case you
need a new reason
not to visit Mexico -
absorb this story.



Don't Leave Home Without It....

Be advised...

Playgrounds for crime on land, at sea, and in the sky above: Information contained herein presents a detailed overview of conditions not generally found in the daily press beyond brief blurbs.

My travel alerts: Cities and countries to avoid, crimes involving passengers aboard cruise liners beyond the 12-mile limit, resurgence of high seas piracy, sources and go-to-sites for official information relating to conditions around the world.

  • Avoid dangerous American cities. Source: FBI.
  • See U.S. State Department warnings.
  • Check CDC disease, travel warnings.
  • Piracy? Yes, almost a daily occurrence.
  • Weekly piracy reports. Reality, not fiction.
  • Planning a cruise?
  • Tracking terrorism? See The NEFA Foundation.


>>>>> Philadelphia...Uzi crossfire.

>>>>> Washington, D. C... Visit the memorials, but only during daylight hours. Isn't it time our lawmakers moved to some remote safe location such as Iowa? Leave the District of Columbia for tourists, museums, and memorials.

>>>>> Detroit... unless you have pressing business within the inner city, avoid it like the plague. The auto business is departing, lights are turning off.

>>>>> New Orleans... for all the horrible reasons of street shootings, street muggings, thefts in hotel rooms, car-jackings, lack of armed police on patrol.

>>>>> Los Angeles... roaming street gangs command sections of the city; Hollywood a fading attraction; unlicensed and uninsuce0912 drivers are a menace to limbs and life.

>>>>> Miami... the city best described by the baggage tag MIA; heavy drug trade in city. (This advisory does not include Miami Beach.)

>>>>> San Diego... leave it to the military.


Planning a trip outside the USA? This Travel Warning list compiled and kept up to date - well, mostly up to date - could save your life. Examples: Columbia - a country in turmoil. Mexico - for nightly warnings about cartel warfare, murder in Tijuana streets, tourist kidnappings, and illicit border traffic, watch Lou Dobbs, CNN, 7 p.m. Eastern, Monday-Friday.

America's most popular year-around tourist destination is Mexico. Cancun is #1. Sun 12 months a year. Crime in Cancun is mostly petty stuff involving beach muggings and hotel room thefts. On the other side of that crime coin is a trip to Mexico proper -the mainland. That trip could be your last. Take along dental records.

  • Mexico's acting federal police chief was shot 10 times (7 May 2008) outside his home by drug traffickers who object to a nationwide crackdown on organized crime.
  • Mexico City's top cop was killed the next day - cce0912it drug lords.
  • In a recent 18 month period, 25 journalists daring to ply their trade in Mexico have either been killed or jailed; exact numbers and for what alleged crimes, unknown.
  • Tourists crossing into border town Tijuana 17 miles south of San Diego have been kidnapped for ransom; the unofficial count: 25.
  • Tijuana should be considece0912 the most dangerous city in North America. In one day in May, two drug gangs fought it out in the streets with 70 people firing guns on busy business streets.
  • Mexico president Felipe Calderon in 2006 sent 24,000 soldiers to drug hot spots. Mission: Work with federal cops. Result: 2,500 people died in one year, DOA-KIA. Primary accomplishment: Cartels on nationwide offensive; most killings in northern Mexico where drug gangs rule large areas of territory. (Source: AP)
  • Across Mexico, people of means hire their own security patrols and live behind gated conclaves. Top officials sleep in different houses on different nights.

Editor's Note: For unknown political reasons, the U. S. Department of State does not include Mexico on the current list of nations to avoid for reasons of terrorism, government coups, riots in streets, disease, civil disorder, and currency problems. The above itemized events may fill this void. See related hyperlinks for ce0912 flags in the rest of the world.

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