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Rape a child under
age 12, go straight
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Polanski the Preditor:
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“Only 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail, “so says RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization. Victims are outraged. I am outraged. Are you outraged too?

No Means No - Even to Boyfriends

Rape victims never forget;
I see him everywhere;
A loophole for everything.

“Rape victims never forget. Rape victims are never the same. I am a rape victim, said Mary.

Mary is my student at Valparaiso University. Valentine's Day in her small Indiana hometown. Out on a date with her boyfriend. Later, in no uncertain terms, Mary screams, “John raped me.

Mary tells her horror story in a victim impact statement that she wrote for the judge. In it she says, “John told me that he would kill me if there were any problems, and I truly thought that was how it would end. I remember that he had on those tan work boots that lots of people wear. Every time I looked at them, I pictured him stomping on my head and kicking me until I didn't move anymore.

Mary asks herself, “Would everything have been easier if he just murdered me? When someone is murdered, it's over. Bing. Bang. Boom. No More. The dead are not left remembering everything that happened to them.

“When someone is raped, the memory lasts forever and never fades. The sounds that were around them, the way everything looked, and the way that everything felt will always be fresh in their minds. Until the day that the victim dies, every little memory will haunt them. Sleep is never the same.

“I will never be the same person…I have always been a strong-willed person, but now I feel weak...There are many times that I just break down and cry…I see him everywhere (in my mind), and time doesn't make it easier. When he shows up, I cry, I scream, I panic, and sometimes I even vomit. Seeing him, or what I think is him, puts me back to that night, and all of my fears come back to me.

“I wish I could go back to before all this ever happened to me, back to when I wasn't so confused, I wasn't so scared, and I wasn't looking over my shoulder every thirty seconds…I miss being who I was and feeling how I felt. I miss being the real me. I have been changed so much because of one night, and I hate every second of it.

Mary's new boyfriend knows the whole story, and he doesn't blame her, but for some reason, she does. Mary's family knows the whole story, and they don't blame her, but for some reason, she does. Mary's friends know the whole story, and they don't blame her, but for some reason, she does.

Mary reported her rape to the police in her small Indiana hometown. The county prosecutor filed charges many felony charges including rape. John was in jail on high bail.

Trial was scheduled in September. Mary told me she would miss class because she would testify. She was nervous about testifying, but resolved to go through with it.

But Mary didn't miss class. I looked at her sitting in the classroom that afternoon. “You're here! I said, “What happened?

“He got a plea bargain, she said slumping over the books on her desk. “He's going to plead guilty to Criminal Confinement, Class D Felony.

“A Class D Felony is the least serious felony in Indiana, I said. “Isn't John going to plead to rape or to any kind of sexual battery charge? I asked.

“No, she said in a flat voice.

“How do you feel about that?

“Raped again, she said. “My boyfriend kidnapped and raped me, and he got off. John is not walking away, and I am very thankful for that, but justice has not been served. No amount of time could ever make up for what he did to me. I know that, but this plea agreement isn't even trying to help me feel better in any way - or teach him a lesson. I am not happy with the outcome, and no one could ever say anything to make me feel better about it.

“Why didn't the prosecutor go to trial, I asked?

“He said the jury wouldn't convict John because he was my boyfriend.

“Date rape, I said. “Two four-letter words that strike terror in the hearts of many women.

“I honestly believe that coming forward is what will someday end my life, said Mary. “I truly believe that when John gets released from prison, he will come after me.

“I was born and raised in a small city in Indiana…Now I have to make sure that I am gone from the place with all the memories, and the place I call home when he gets out of jail for fear that I will turn into a murder victim if I stay.

Mary asked me read the victim impact statement she wrote for the judge. He will read it before he sentences John. In it Mary scolds the judge, “Every time I lie down and close my eyes, I go back to that night. I go back to that garage. I go back to the nightmare. I will never forget what happened to me that night. I was raped, and I was kidnapped. I know the truth, and if you took the time to look into my eyes, you would see the scars as well. My mind and my soul are covered in them, if anyone would like to take a peek.

Mary does not seek revenge. She seeks justice. She vented to the judge, “It is not hard to open up John's record and notice how many times he has been in trouble with the courts. It only takes a little more reading to then see that he has somehow gotten lucky time and time again. For some reason, he finds a way to get off or get a lesser sentence every single time. To me, the law is following in the same footsteps. I know that John RAPED me. I'm truly sorry that the courts don't see it the same way.

“It seems to me that this county has made a clear statement that rape cannot happen between two individuals as long as they are in a relationship of some form. I was raised in a school system and by my parents to know that NO MEANS NO. I guess I was taught wrong all along, and there actually is a loophole for everything.

“I was raped, and he got off.

Mary gave me permission to publish her story in hopes that it will help other rape victims. Names were changed to protect Mary.

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