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J.D. - University of Notre Dame Law School, 1975.
B.A. in Government - Franklin and Marshall College, 1972.

- 5 plus years teaching Criminal Justice and Sociology courses at Valparaiso University.
- 3 years teaching Criminal Justice and Sociology courses at Ancilla College.
- Licensed to practice law in Indiana.
- 33 years of experience as an attorney.
- Criminal law experience includes 20 years as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and 3 years as legal counsel in the Iowa State Legislature.

University of Notre Dame Law School: Full-ride scholarship.
Franklin and Marshall College:
-Graduated magna cum laude.
-Phi Beta Kappa.
-Senior Honor Society.
-Awarded Government Prize as most outstanding graduate in Government.

- Faculty Mentor Award 2007, 2008. Valparaiso University.
- Nominee for “Woman of the Year" award given annually by the South Bend YWCA.

2003 to the present
Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology at Valparaiso University.

Courses taught:
The Criminal Justice System
Criminal Law and Procedure
Law Enforcement
Law & Society: American Perspective
Sociology of Law
Contemporary Social Problems
Society and the Environment
Cvic Engagement.

2003 to 2006
Professor of Criminal Justice at Ancilla College located in Donaldson, Indiana.

1985 to 2002
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the St. Joseph County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in South Bend, Indiana. In that capacity, I reviewed police reports and charged all types of felony and misdemeanor cases. I personally handled most types of felony cases and specialized in major felony drug prosecutions. I was a member of NOVA, the Narcotics Offenders and Violent Activities Task Force. I took cases to jury trial and conducted evidentiary hearings such as suppression hearings and probation revocation hearings. I helped police officers prepare search warrants. I obtained forfeiture of tens of thousands of dollars worth of drug- related property. I also was the Drug Court Prosecutor.

1993 to 2002
Periodic private contractor with the Department of Justice. I reviewed federal grant applications for federally funded criminal justice programs including the following: Regional Drug Prosecution Program; Safe Haven Program; Adjudication Partnership Program; Tribal Court Assistance Program; Anti-Money Laundering Grant Program; Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

1981 to 1985
Private Attorney. I handled many different kinds of private legal matters including, but not limited to, bankruptcy, personal injury, workers compensation, divorce, guardianships, and wills.

1978 to 1981
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the Polk County Prosecutor’s Office in Des Moines, Iowa. In that capacity I worked in the Intake and Screening Bureau, the General Criminal Bureau, and the Major Offense Bureau. I charged and handled many types of felony cases. In addition, I presented cases to the grand jury and conducted in-house legal training.

1975 to 1978
Legal Counsel in the Iowa Legislature. I worked with Senators and Representatives of both parties in the Iowa State Legislature drafting bills and amendments. I also was legal counsel for many legislative committees including the Judiciary Committees in the House and Senate and the Prison Committee. I visited most Iowa state prisons. I worked on the passage of the first major criminal code revision in Iowa in one hundred years, and I was one of the publishers of this revised criminal law.

Supplement to the Code of Iowa 1977 Containing Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. I co-authored this criminal code book that was published under the authority of the sixty-seventh General Assembly, first session, chapter 40.

Alternatives to Incarceration for Drug Offenders in St. Joseph County, Indiana, United States. A Working Model, UNAFEI (United Nations Asia and Far East Institute) Resource Material Series No. 42, 151-169, December 1992 (Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan).

Boot Camp/Shock Incarceration An Alternative to Prison for Young Non-Violent Offenders in the United States, 28 The Prosecutor, No 2. 15-22, March/April, 1994.

- “Visiting Expert at the United Nation’s 91st International Training Course held in Tokyo, Japan and sponsored by the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute (UNAFEI). I represented the University of Notre Dame Law School at this International Training Course. I researched, prepared, and delivered two major papers on subjects dealing with alternatives to incarceration for convicted criminal offenders. Both of the papers were subsequently published.

- In the summer of 2008 I traveled to Beijing where I taught a graduate course (SOC 690 Law & Society: American Perspective) to Chinese students. These students enrolled at Valparaiso University to continue their graduate work in the U.S. I pioneered the new Beijing teaching component of a program that partners Valparaiso University and a private Chinese educational consulting company.

- Judge in the 2008 American Bar Association Law Student Regional Client Counseling Competition held at the University of Notre Dame Law School. The topic was civil rights and civil liberties.

- Judge in the 2007 Midwest Regional Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition held at the University of Notre Dame Law School.

- I trained at the National District Attorneys Advocacy Center in Columbia, SC.

- Former gubernatorial appointee to the Iowa Inmate Transfer Hearing Board. As such, I presided over hearings conducted at Iowa state prisons to determine whether the request of an inmate to transfer to another prison should be granted.

- Former workshop leader for Iowa’s White House Conference on Families in Des Moines, Iowa.
- Former member of the following national professional working groups associated with the National District Attorneys Association:
-Model Legislation Working Group.
-National Drug Prosecution Center’s Drug Control Working Group.
-National Drug Assessment Advisory Board.

- As a college student, I worked as a summer intern in the office of Senator Birch Bayh in Washington, D.C. I worked as an intern in the Office of Education the same summer.

- I attend criminal law seminars each year to keep current in my field.

- Participant in the St. Mary’s College Community Leaders Summer Seminar entitled “Building the Wellspring of Wisdom. I led a 3-hour workshop entitled “Ask An Expert wherein I gave practical legal information to help guide adult women in today’s law-dominated society. The Seminar was sponsored by the St. Mary’s College Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership.

- Guest lecturer at Ancilla College in 2006 and 2007. I lectured on “Women in the Criminal Justice System in Professor Thomas Buchanan’s Women’s History class.

- Guest Lecturer to SAAFE advocates and board members at Valparaiso University in 2008. SAAFE is a crisis center and provides services for VU student victims of sexual crimes. I lectured on Rape and Sexual Battery Law in Indiana.

- Former Host Family for a Russian student in the International Peace Studies Program at the University of Notre Dame.

- Former liaison with Japanese judges and prosecutors studying at the University of Notre Dame Law School as part of a cooperative program between the Japanese Ministry of Justice and the University of Notre Dame Law School.

- Advocate for the environment.
- Writing.
- Photography.
- Swimming.

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