Believe it or not:
Iowa's GOP court
OK's same-sex
marriage; ruling
to have long life...

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damning Prop 8;
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Civil union opponents
in California spent $40
million to ban same-sex
marriages; Enter Cal Supremes.

Anti-Gay, Anti-Family;
Countless Americans,
Gay and otherwise,
mourn while social
conservatives celebrate.

Attn: Hate Groups:
Southern Poverty
Law Center keeps
score on KKK scum,
anti-gay acts, terror.

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Sodomy is legal in U.S.
U.S. Supreme Court says
private gay sex between
consenting adults is A-OK.



Same-Sex Unions Let Them Be

Circa 1910:
Isn't it time this nation
Linked legal benefits
To legal burdens for all?

Freedom of choice has problems. The U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights give us freedom of choice. We fight wars to preserve that precious right. So why deny fellow Americans the choice of legal life partners when it comes to gender? It is a small thing really the gender of loved ones. Our families and circle of friends have always consisted of men and women, boys and girls. We love them all. Love is inclusive, not exclusive. Love is the key operative word here, not gender.

There are many kinds of love, many sparkling facets to the jewel we loosely refer to as love. One facet is committed romantic love. Meaningless casual sex is rampant in the world and in our country. Committed romantic love is so beautiful - and so rare.  Why do we hesitate to welcome, to celebrate, to embrace every couple that is willing to commit to a lifelong stable relationship?

America is in many kinds of deep, scary trouble these days.   To name one, the cornerstone of traditional American society strong individual families are withering like weeds doused with Roundup. Look around. Families are not the same as they were in old television programs like Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows Best.

A landmark U. S. Supreme Court case out of Texas is the power behind the gay rights movement to marry. Lawrence and Garner v. Texas is the historic case that came down in 2003. In one fell swoop “The Supremes struck down state laws all over the country that banned private consensual sex between adults of the same gender. Good for “The Supremes.”  They recognized that gay men and women have a constitutional right to choose intimacy with members of their own gender. Guess what, American society and culture did not collapse.

What was the logical next step for gays seeking equal rights? Marriage, of course. Guess what, American society and culture won't collapse if gays marry either.

Should same-sex couples be allowed to enter into state-recognized marriages? Not in California not after California citizens voted for Proposition 8. This initiative measure changes the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. It provides that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in that state. The people in California have definitively spoken.

Same-sex marriages are legal in Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, and Spain. Why do citizens in those countries have more rights than citizens in the United States?

Same-sex marriages are legal in Connecticut and Massachusetts. States will continue to decide one by one unless “The Supremes decide the issue for the entire nation.

My fellow Americans, if you do not allow same-sex couples to marry, at least allow them to legally contract to be partners in marriage-like relationships.

Gays are stepping up to the plate, willing to assume the risks of long-term committed relationships. Why would we, as freedom loving people, as people who enter into contracts of all kinds every day, deny same-sex couples the right to solidify their relationships by legal contracts? Contracts are as American as Old Glory. We, as a freedom loving people along with our federal and state governments - should encourage committed same-sex unions via contract whether we call the contract marriage, civil union, domestic partnership, or by any other name.

The vast number of Americans hold traditional family values dear, but they are hung-up on the definition of “family. Traditional families consisting of two parents and children in a home are the exception, not the rule anymore. Let us encourage stable committed couples to become legally recognized families - regardless of gender.

Crime is the antithesis of love. We go to great lengths and spend bazillions of dollars conducting different types of wars on crime on American soil and off it. Why not accept, yea rejoice, when two gay men or two lesbian women love one another so much that they want to solidify that love legally with a binding contract? Let them do so, and let them have all the legal benefits and all the legal burdens that traditional married couples have. Let them be.

Fight crime. Foster committed loving legal relationships - whether you call them marriages, “segairram, or whatever.

lady justice EDITOR'S NOTE: C. A. Nix has a prosecutor's awareness. She has a prosecutor's perspective. In all she writes, she represents the People of the United States of America.
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