george w. bush

Sen. Pat Leahy bails
on Truth Commission;
Bush Bunch off hot
seat as Congress
shows little interest...

Wall Street Journal:
Says Ted Stevens
prosecutors should
be put in the dock;
Bush rap sheet grows.

The worms crawl out:
'Defer prosecution'
was two-term policy
for Bush bums when
facing corporate
crimes; probe looms.

Prime Bush suspects:
When Truth Squad
calls to order lawyers
involved in advising
on torture, ethics,
here's roll call update.

Indict Bush Mob?
When time comes to
consider such, here's
Top 10 ready for Fed
grand jury dates; led
USA to econo dumper.

Top Bush defender:
When you see Newt
on tonight's Fox TV
sked, bet a bundle
he'll be GOP tout...

Newt's skeletons:
Bush administration's
dead-beat dad; hot
check bouncer; draft
dodger; Fox talker;
for 'Christian Adultry'

Google room 641A:
Note Bush lies, spies
If building a dossier
for indictment, here's
a starter kit for action.
Name Cheney first.

Should we indict?
Bush bunch damn
near buried Freedom
of Information act;
here's scorecard.



We The People vs...

Political forces taking sides; lining
up with charges never to be tried

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bush War Dead (to 15 February2009)  Subject to Increases:
Combat and  non-combat military deaths
In Iraq: 4,243 since military operations
began 19 March 2003;
Afghanistan: 576 since 7 October 2001.

U.S. War Dead
16 October 2009 (Includes combat and non-combat military deaths.)

In Iraq: 4,349
(Since military opertions began 19 March 2003.)

In Afghanistan: 796
(Since military operations began 7 October 2001)

Sources: Associated Press, Defense Department

Reporters KIA -30-

1985 to date: 27

2003 to date: 154

World War II Accredited
for rations, quarters with U.S. forces in field:
54 (May 1940 to 18 April 1945) Source: War Department Bureau of Public Relations, Liaison Branch 28 January 1946

30 March 2009

Now we may be dealing with a Truth Commission, a political entity probing the Bush administration for creating the Forever War (**) in Iraq. If ever, the true bill from a Federal grand jury could include indictments relating to detainee treatment, the kissy kissy relationship with defense contractors such as Halliburton (now known as Xe) and wiretapping sans a warrant.

In all of the above there may be a prosecutor's dream case. There is on this date, and for certain in the remaining three years plus of the Obama administration, sufficient grist and political bitterness to fill a lifetime of talk show content and consume barrels of ink for newsprint expressions. In all of this, from my remote Midwestern position as a legal observer, I see the major blessing for this nation: We have a Constitutional scholar in position as our commander in chief.

United States Senator Patrick Leahy will use his chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee as the weapon of choice. Subpoenas are to fly. No one in the public trough talks about dragging George Bush into the docks. However, both sides, The People...and Bush's fawning minions, will load talk shows with endless content. Let me consider that...

  (*) Appearing for Bush: Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity.

  (*) For The People: Rachel Maddow, Paul Begala.

george bush
The real target of the Truth Commission, but he'll never serve a day...compliments of a benevolent President Obama...
My position: As a mere observer of the process and the complexity of Federal laws involved, truth will prevail, trials will fail. In the scheme of things, there will never be any trials because there will never be any indictments. A Truth Commission used in this context hints that truth relating to all-things-Bush means to bring embarrassment only, not a costly and endless docket of charges. That is as it should be. The People want truth not persecution. The People want the change promised during the 2008 campaign. It is my reasoning that President Obama wants change more than he wants a volatile disruption coming out of Washington.

Therefore, in closing my case, any truth of the national ills brought on by what I saw as repeated efforts to steal a nation, truth will suffice. Let it be. Let it rest. Our national psyche must have that promised change.

(*)  Appearing in the Court of Public Opinion; never will the Truth Commission findings be routed through indictment filings to a grand jury. Cost to taxpayers: Untold millions of dollars.

(**) Forever War, Dexter Filkins, Knopf, USA $25; Trip through the years of war dating from around 2001 and learn the reasons this New York Times war correspondent selected the title.

lady justice EDITOR'S NOTE: C. A. Nix has a prosecutor's awareness. She has a prosecutor's perspective. In all she writes, she represents the People of the United States of America.
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